The Needy/Greedy Test

This test is designed to explore our emotional tendencies relative to our needs and our greed in four common areas (i.e. Selfishness, Sensuality, Success, and Self-Issues).
Select the items that best reflect your viewpoint.

Please note that you can only take the test twice.

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1. If my partner left me for someone else, it would be nearly impossible to go on.
2. There're times I just need erotic gratification (sex, not intimacy) from my partner.
3. I respond favorably to my partner's cues, needs, and desires for intimacy.
4. Money ALWAYS matters.
5. Feeling lonely and being away from others depresses me.
6. If my spouse begins to undergo uncharacteristic changes, I'd definitely need some space from them.
7. It's usually someone else that has contributed to the emotional tension or stress in my life (i.e. work, home, and/or family).
8. Money is not a factor when it comes to maintaining my looks and public image.
9. Speeding tickets are a ploy to take cash from decent folk; so, I don't need to pay them.
10. Money meets my deepest needs.
11. Being independent in my career is vital, even if it affects intimacy with my spouse.
12. Friends should not have to pay back a loan that they borrowed from their friends.
13. A friend with "benefits" is permissible if the sex with your partner has become routine.
14. I tend to put other people's needs ahead of my own.
15. I LOVE money.
16. If I were in a relationship that's only been bad "lately," I would give a concerted effort to see if I'm part of the problem.
17. All of my success is due to my hard work.
18. It's a need for me to always look my best.
19. If my best friend lost their job, they would need to ask me for money before I would offer it.
20. Change is needed when I've done all I could do and nothing improves, but only get worse.
21. I'd stay with my lover if they stated that they loved me, but continued to cheat.
22. I'm entitled to an inheritance (i.e. an estate, cash, etc.) from my deceased loved-one.
23. If I could have intercourse every day, I would.
24. A decrease in money is ALWAYS bad.
25. I believe that privacy is need.
26. Having "me time" even in a committed relationship is a need.
27. In reality, there have been times to where I've brought some of my problems upon myself.
28. People's image of me is vitally important.
29. If my kids use illegal drugs, I'd prefer them to use in my home versus in the streets so they can avoid being arrested.
30. Sex would still be great for me even if I didn't "click" with the other person.
31. I can't live without my significant other and/or special person.
32. Even though I love my job, I'd have to leave it if the people there started to dislike me.
33. The "exchange of passion" (whether it's called sex or intimacy) is a need.
34. My rationale is that If my spouse ignores my primal needs, I have the right to stray!
35. I prefer being alone most of the time.
36. If my lover repeatedly yells hurtful words at me, I need to leave. Identifying where I may have hurt them first is useless.
37. In some cases, delayed gratification is a need.
38. I would rather have a high profile position with moderate pay than a low profile position with substantial pay.
39. I don't need to lose my license if I received a 4th DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge.
40. An increase in cash is always a blessing.
41. If my special someone is verbally abusive sometimes, a change is needed.
42. A change is needed in a relationship when one's needs go unmet.
43. It's still my responsibility to fulfill my roles (financial, emotional) even if my lover is inconsistent in fulfilling theirs.
44. Living within my financial means comes relatively easy for me.
45. I feel helpless knowing that I'm "plagued" by loneliness.

Disclaimer: This test is designed for the teaching, empowering and raising the awareness of human needs and the human tendency for greed. It's not designed for extensive clinical and/or psychosocial diagnosing.