Frequently Asked Questions

What does an attendee need to bring to a seminar?

Attendees should bring their confirmation numbers or proof of payment so that their in-processing can be done expeditiously. Also, because writing utensils aren’t always guaranteed, participants should have extras on hand. Note: Because we cannot predict or control the climate of the conference rooms, we ardently suggest that our guest bring some type of light outer garments to compensate for varying room temperatures.

How late can a patron be to register for a seminar?

Attendees can register right up until the start of the seminar. Full credit hours for courses can not be awarded for patrons arriving late. No partial credits are given. Because Nconcepts is a Board Approved CEU provider, we are mandated to comply with the applicable Texas Administrative Codes. Attention: We cannot guarantee available seating or extra seminar material for same-day registration.

What are the approved methods of payment for a seminar?

Currently, the types of payment received are: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Money Orders (please include registration form with money order and purchase order number for processing), and Checks. Note: unfortunately, cash cannot be accepted as a method of payment at any NConcept Seminar.

Can an attendee send a substitute in their place?

Proxies are welcomed. It is important however that this substitution be made in writing via mail or email and that the proxy be issued the original registration confirmation number to alleviate any processing delays.

How do attendees receive confirmation?

Once your registration process is complete, an email notice will be sent to the inbox noted on the registration form with the following information: amount of seminar, date and location of seminar, and confirmation number.

What if an attendee needs special accommodations?

Our guest who require specified accommodations are encouraged to email us at least fourteen (14) days prior to the seminar so that applicable arrangements are secured. Important: if a request is made inside of fourteen (14) day window of the conference, we will eagerly strive to satisfy the request, but we can not guarantee it.

When can an attendee expect to receive their certificates (CEU’s)?

If an attendee has registered fourteen (14) days prior to the conference, they can expect to receive a Certificate of Completion upon conclusion of the seminar. Those who have registered within the fourteen (14) day window and have NOT paid by check will also receive their certification after the seminar. Same-day check paying guest will receive their certificate by mail. All tuition cost must be paid in full before any attendee receives CEU’s.

What if an attendee has to leave early due to an unexpected emergency?

We encourage our guest to leave and address their emergency. Regrettably, the attendee will not receive a Certificate of Completion nor continuing education credit according to Title 22 (Texas Administrative Codes): [Part 34] §781.511 Section (m) for Social Workers; [Part 30] §681.141 Section (d) for LPC’s; [Part 35] §801.263 (Subchapter K) for LMFT’s, and Title 25, [Part 1, Chapter 140, Subchapter i] §140.416 Section (4) for LCDC’s. Disappointingly, no refund will be granted.

What is Nconcepts’ cancellation policy?

Cancellation request must be submitted in writing (i.e. mail or email) and be received seven (7) or more days prior to the seminar for our guests to receive a refund. Be advised that a refund will be granted minus a $30 administration fee. Note: if a cancellation request falls within the seven (7) days prior to the seminar, no refunds will be granted for any reason. Failure of attendee to notify Nconcepts of canceling their attendance will result in the forfeiture of registration fees. If Nconcepts cancel for any reason, our obligation is restricted to cost of tuition. Attendees will be notified if a seminar is cancelled via our website at or email; therefore, make sure that all information provided is current.

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