About NConcepts

NConcepts consists of several psychodynamic modalities that originated from therapeutic sessions with clients who were trapped in unfilled relationships, failing businesses, frustrating family dynamics, dead-end jobs, poor coping skills, marital discord, addiction, suicidal ideation, and varying psychopathologies.

Because our therapeutic concepts are tested, feasible, and adaptable, they are not only useful in group or individual therapeutic sessions, but their benefits can also be utilized to help cultivate workplace camaraderie, foster business productivity, improve management development, identify areas for micro/macro change and establish effective conflict management.

M.T Webb is a LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker), a LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor), and is the director of NConcepts, LLC (a Continuing Education & psycho-social management consulting group). He served as a full-time faculty member and as the clinical coordinator of the substance abuse program in the Allied Health Department of Weatherford College. He serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Tarleton State University School of Social Work and served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work.

M.T. Webb earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Biblical Studies at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Rev. Webb is a licensed and ordained minister with the Southern Baptist Convention. M.T. earned his masters’ degree in Social Work at the University of Southern Mississippi.

With over 17 years of providing counseling and meeting the psycho-emotional needs of clients, patients, and parishioners in religious settings, addiction centers, management, non-profits, public school systems, and medical milieus, “M.T” has designed and implemented several treatment modalities to address the complex psycho-emotional issues of addiction and the subsequent dynamics of social and interpersonal relationships.

Sergeant Webb served honorably in combat Medical divisions of both the U.S. Navy (active duty) and the Louisiana Army National Guard where in 1990 he was deployed to the first Persian Gulf War.

Mission Statement:

To present to the masses (i.e. in seminars or sessions) poignant, functional and easy to apply therapeutic concepts to direct people forward from inhibiting circumstances.

Fostering a Forward-Moving Mindster